I Am NOT Too Busy

I see your face light up as you walk into my office first thing in the morning. You are waiting for your morning hug. I greet you heartily, embrace you and say “I will be right down, let me finish … Read More

Festivus. Where is the REST for us?!

Ahhh, fall. My favorite season. There is an underlying buzz of excitement in the crisp, smoky, earth-scented air wafting as the deciduous leaves crunch underfoot beneath a cornucopia of enchanting color. It is a time for celebration. Literally. You see, … Read More

Happy Healthy Halloween

Trick or Treat, Smell my feet. Give me something… good-for-me to eat! I promise, I am not the witch who stole Halloween. I will not take away the kids’ hard-earned and beloved candy. However, after attending our third Halloween party … Read More

Say Whaaaat?

Have you ever moved to a different region of the country and felt like you just stepped off the boat? Born and raised in Chicago, I have always considered myself well traveled. Spending my college years in Boston didn’t phase … Read More

Bringing Back Date Night

As parents we often find ourselves over-worked, over-booked, over-tired, and over-scheduled. The last thing we need is to add yet another thing to our calendar, right? Wrong! I am here to tell you that it is time to plan a … Read More

So Many Questions! M.Y.O.B.

Wanna play the question game? The what? Here, in the stage of endless questions from inquisitive young people, I stop and think about all of the interrogations we encounter throughout life and realize that while this stage is exhausting, it is … Read More

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