A Letter to The Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy,      WHY? Why do you do this to us? After countless sleepless nights, agonizing weeks/months to help our babies grow their teeth, why must they lose them 5-6 years later? And you make a living off of this! … Read More

Parenting is Scary

/Parenthood/ noun: To be completely responsible for the emotional, physical, social, intellectual well-being of another human. It is freaking scary!  Here are 13 of the scariest moments we face as parents: 1. Pregnancy. There is a little life growing inside of you, sucking … Read More

A FUNctional Affordable Room Makeover

When we moved into our new house, little did we know that what we thought would be a simple kids’ room would end up being a labor of love that would bring us closer together, unleash latent talents, and create … Read More

A Tale of Two Potties

It has truly been both the best and the worst of times. The exhilaration, the taste of emancipation, the success, the celebration… oh, and the poop. I can honestly say that I have never felt the full extent of the triumphs … Read More

Still Lucky

I wake up, it hits me every. single. morning. This really happened. This is really happening. It wasn’t a bad dream. It is a real life nightmare. When you are in the thick of it, it is really hard to see that … Read More

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