Girls Can Have It All…But Boys Can’t?

Sojourner Truth. Susan B. Anthony. Elizabeth Stanton. Gloria Steinem. Sandra Day O’Connor. Sally Ride. These women, among countless other heroines, have fought long and hard for something that never should have been a question: equal rights. They helped us win … Read More

I Love Stepping on Legos

Sheeeew. Having four kids under seven is exhausting! Some days, my greatest desire is simply a few moments of sanity. A few minutes to shower, clean, work on a project, go to the bathroom alone, even run errands without a … Read More

Kicking the Bucket List

Like a freezing bucket of ice water being splashed in my face, the shock of it hit me. My children just finished their 7-week summer swimming lesson. That means we have already been out of school for seven weeks. That … Read More

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