My Kids Play In the Closet

We have a lot of kids and a lot of stuff. We are mindful of going through toys a few times a year and getting rid of what they don’t use, but truly they are at a stage where they … Read More

What Has 2020 Taught You?

2020 has been quite a year, to say the least. It even has its own hashtag, one that doesn’t quite bring about warm fuzzy memories and feelings. It’s pretty much the catchphrase for anything that goes wrong, big or small. … Read More

Two More Elections

Everyone always talks about your 18 summers, but what about the fact that you only have 4-5 election cycles before you become a voting member of society?… Read More

The Best Thing To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

It’s that time of year again. The season when your houses and your bellies become overloaded with fun-size candy bars. Regardless of whether trick-or-treating is happening or not, people are getting creative and you are about to have a sizable confectionery collection. Don’t … Read More

Red Hat, Blue Hat, OOPS!

The other day, I caught myself right in the middle of a live reenactment of my daughter’s favorite Boynton book, Blue Hat, Green Hat (The Oops Book). As we were walking out the door to go vote followed by a … Read More

Halloween Candy Math

What are your kids’ favorite Halloween traditions? My kiddos have one that makes their list every single year. The best part about it? I don’t even have to make them do it- they “created” it themselves! After the decorating, dressing … Read More

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