Dear Kiddos, Sorry This Year Has Been So Weird (But Maybe You’ll Be Better For It)

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Dear Kiddos,

It has certainly been a strange year, hasn’t it?

Your tiny bubble burst a little over a year ago when you were off for spring break from school and all of a sudden you just weren’t going back. In a home where tech time isn’t part of the norm, you were suddenly taking classes online and seeing your teachers through a screen. You were talking to friends and family via computer and you weren’t allowed to start your soccer season.

In fact, more and more things were getting shut down and canceled, and your constantly on-the-go-family was hanging out at home A LOT and didn’t really go anywhere. Birthday parties were held via drive-through car parades, and words like “safer/shelter/stay at home” and “social distancing” became part of your vernacular. Your non-crafty mom even started busting out crazy art projects like giant driveway chalk installments and painting the windows with real paint.

It was really confusing.…..

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