A Different Father’s Day This Year

(originally posted on StrollerSavvy on FB)

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Last year we made this adorable dessert for Father’s Day.

This year we ate Brownie Brittle out of the bag.

Last year we did homemade cards and gifts that we spent a ton of time and effort creating.

This year it was all store bought, wrapped in construction paper and lunch bags because at the last minute we realized our wrapping paper is buried somewhere amidst our current chaos.

Is anyone else feeling a bit overwhelmed and exhausted with #backtobusy ?

While extremely grateful to have social opportunities at our fingertips again, we have definitely felt a shock to our systems. With multiple kids in several sports/activities each, and three rather big home improvement projects going on simultaneously, we’re finding ourselves on the struggle bus.

Did I feel a bit guilty that I didn’t plan a big elaborate Father’s Day celebration this year? Of course.

Especially since, if I’m being honest, last year was easy compared to the current stage we’re in.

This is the year he deserved even more. Ever since he began working from home full time, he also has picked up even more “shifts” with the housework, meal prep, the kid shlepping, the never-ending “honey-do” list, and the constant noisy blur that is us day in and day out.

He’s exhausted. I’m exhausted. We’re all feeling it.

Last year we went hiking in the mountains for the entire day and feasted on his favorite foods.

This year we had no set plans. We ate Brownie Brittle and take out BBQ by the pool.

Some years we can pull out all the stops and make everything from scratch, but some years it’s store bought cards and gifts and no plans whatsoever.

Sometimes it’s the simple, the easy, the basic that we crave.

After the last few months, this day ended up being exactly what he needed. We also gifted him multiple “coupons” for future “sleep in and take a break” days.

The kids still celebrated their very favorite man in the entire world. We still showed him how special he is to us, and he still knows how much he’s loved and appreciated.

In fact, taking a step back was a good reminder to make sure he knows that every day, not just on Father’s Day.

Last year was pretty special.

This year was too.

P.S. – Stay tuned for the tutorial on those awesome desserts from last year.