My Kids Play In the Closet

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We have a lot of kids and a lot of stuff. We are mindful of going through toys a few times a year and getting rid of what they don’t use, but truly they are at a stage where they are using the majority of it. You won’t find an immaculate, Pinterest award-winning, professionally designed home here. Instead, you will find a home where kids are free to play, create, imagine, learn, and grow to their hearts’ content.

We love creating unique spaces for the kids to engage in different activities. We have many common areas where we hang out: the art center, school room, playroom, living room, kitchen, etc. They literally play everywhere. However, we quickly learned that sometimes we just have too much togetherness, and it’s nice to have your own special space to head to in order to change things up a bit or find a little respite.

We’ve had so much fun using every nook and cranny to create more usable space within our home.

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