Here’s To the Little Brothers

(This post first appeared on Her View From Home. “There was something comical about the miniature version with the slightly different face, the bigger smile, the larger teeth, and the oversized confidence. And now that I have two boys … Read More

This Dessert Will Be A Hit At Any Cookout

Last year, in an effort to do something fun and special for Father’s Day, my little pranksters decided to try to trick their dad into thinking these adorable sweets were real burgers and fries. They enjoyed making them so much … Read More

A Different Father’s Day This Year

(originally posted on StrollerSavvy on FB) Last year we made this adorable dessert for Father’s Day. This year we ate Brownie Brittle out of the bag. Last year we did homemade cards and gifts that we spent a ton of … Read More

Thank You To ALL the Mamas

There isn’t enough gratitude in the world to thank all of the mamas who have touched my life and shaped me as a parent in one way or another.  Read on…….

To My Son, On the 50-Yard Line

This piece was originally published on Dearest Son, You are about to turn 9. That puts you about halfway to the age at which you will leave home and head off to college, or whatever adventure awaits you upon … Read More

My Kids Play In the Closet

We have a lot of kids and a lot of stuff. We are mindful of going through toys a few times a year and getting rid of what they don’t use, but truly they are at a stage where they … Read More