The #1 Costume for Moms This Year

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This year for Halloween I’m going as a mom who has it all together.

One who is confident in every single decision she makes.

One who wakes up every morning energized after sleeping soundly through the night.

One who doesn’t need coffee, concealer, or creams to be able to feel human.

One who never snaps at her children and always says the exact right thing.

The one with the clean house, who’s caught up on laundry, and has perfectly cooked, well-rounded meals on the table each night by 6:00.

I’m going to be the mom who never feels insecure about anything and has more confidence and grace in her pinky finger than most people can even dream of.

One who is loved by all and has time to be everything for everyone.

One who has never understood the term “mom guilt” because she has never had reason to feel it.

One who has never felt lonely or left out.

The incredible, doting wife.

An absolute supermom always.

You know who I’m talking about, right? Yeah…. She doesn’t exist.

She’s in a costume too.