What Happened When I Put My Phone Down

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Late to the smart phone game, I didn’t have one when my first son was born eight years ago. He got my undivided attention. I didn’t even have a camera on my phone to distract me. Now, on my fourth child who is approaching her second birthday, I’m wrought with regret. For years I’ve known how much I dislike my smart phone. But it’s an addiction. I needed it to take pictures. I had to have it in case someone texted me. What if I got lost or locked out? I knew it was a distraction, but I didn’t realize quite how much. I didn’t realize how much it was taking me away from. How much of myself, and others, I’d lost. 

Then one day I just put it down. I put it in a box. I had the volume on, set to a specific ring tone (I told you I’m slow to this) if it was certain people who would need me in case of an emergency. I only checked it at specific times throughout the day.

I’m so grateful for the things that happened once I put my phone down: 

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