Stop Sport Snack Sabotage

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The term “snacks” in this article, for all intents and purposes, is synonymous with junk food.

“We have our first game next week. But don’t worry, we’ll have snacks, so you’ll be okay”. – My Kid’s Coach.

This statement, from my child’s soccer coach, had me perplexed on so many levels. Why are we implying that kids should be worried about their first soccer game? Why are we taking away the joy of the game and focusing on snacks? Where are the intrinsic rewards? Why are we even having snacks in the first place?

Before I write another word and you start labeling me as “one of those,” I feel the need to profess that I do indeed feed my children “junk” food. I do so far more often than my uber-healthy friends and far less often than others. We believe in moderation — we generally eat clean, but we don’t stop our kids from grabbing what they want at parties, they keep all of their Halloween candy, and we do celebrations big and often.

So why am I hating on sports snacks so hard?

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