When The Grinch Really Does Try to Steal Christmas

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The world’s filled with cheer, 

The fabulous festive holiday season is here. 

The laughter, the lights, the love and the joy. 

The hopes, magic and dreams of each little girl and young boy.

All around people rejoice and are hopped up on glee. 

Everything is amazing, except perhaps not for you, him, her, or me. 

I say it every year. I HATE making cookies. However, I’m a sucker for a good cookie exchange (making one type of cookie, albeit a million times, and trading for a delectable variety is true glory), so here I am, yet again griping about making cookies. This year, I opted for the aptly named Grinch cookies. They were especially perfect because I certainly wasn’t feeling very happy, celebratory, or festive at the moment. As parents we must carry on for our kids, but after the news we received the night before, the holiday season was looking pretty bleak.

Is it just me, or does it seem more tragedies happen over the holiday season?

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