Parenting is Scary

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/Parenthood/ noun: To be completely responsible for the emotional, physical, social, intellectual well-being of another human.

It is freaking scary! 

Here are 13 of the scariest moments we face as parents:

1. Pregnancy. There is a little life growing inside of you, sucking the life out of you, depleting your energy, and causing your body and mind to do crazy things. Pimples and veins pop up everywhere, you lose control over your bodily functions, and your belly grows to unfathomable proportions. For those who have struggled to get pregnant, experienced pregnancy loss, or have had complications, pregnancy fears take on a life of their own and render women helpless, holding their breath at every turn for 40 weeks. Years later, your body morphs again and will never be the same. Take pride in those hard-earned scars!

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