Parenting From The Sidelines

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Parenting from the sidelines… Sounds awful, doesn’t it? If you are one of the many wonderful hands-on parents who is involved in every aspect of your child’s life it likely sounds downright daunting. No one wants to sit out — we want to play. We want to be in the game!

However, when you really step back and think about it, isn’t that what we are working towards anyways? We spend the early years teaching essential life skills, instilling values, encouraging them, showering them with love so that they are confident, self-sufficient, kind, intelligent, well-adjusted people. We transition from hovering over their every move to gradually taking steps back: first sending them a few days per week to preschool, then elementary school, continually adding more independence as they grow (biking to a friend’s house, sleepovers, dances, etc.), praying they make good decisions as they enter high school and venture into adulthood.

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