I Am NOT Too Busy

I see your face light up as you walk into my office first thing in the morning. You are waiting for your morning hug. I greet you heartily, embrace you and say “I will be right down, let me finish this up” and I see it. I see your face fall, your eyes cloud over. While even though I deserve some “me” time, I have the right to work, I do have responsibilities, I have made the commitment to be there for you. This other stuff will wait.

It was always my hope to be able to stay home with you kids. Daddy and I worked hard for years to be able to make it happen. I am so fortunate to be able to do this, yet I am wasting away this opportunity. Instead of being here, giving you the childhood I’ve dreamed of for you, I’ve let myself get caught up keeping up with the Pinterest Joneses. I spend too much energy desperately trying to keep the house clean, making well-rounded yet adorable and nutritious meals, pursuing career paths I don’t even want to have right now. I waste too many hours on social media and let unimportant issues take precedence. This exclusive time home with you guys is so fleeting, and I am not making the most of it.

From here on out, I promise my family and friends this:

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