Happy Healthy Halloween

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Trick or Treat,

Smell my feet.

Give me something…

good-for-me to eat!

I promise, I am not the witch who stole Halloween. I will not take away the kids’ hard-earned and beloved candy. However, after attending our third Halloween party in two days, two weeks before Halloween, I realize that it is time to try to counteract the sugar-rush and supplement those fun-size candy bars with some more nutritious treats. (In the spirit of full disclosure here, I also need to save myself from myself. In just two days I have consumed enough Milky Ways to orbit Earth and am taking the first step in admitting I have a problem…)

It is no surprise when the Halloween party spread contains 95% sugar, because who doesn’t love pumpkin everything? However, along with too much of a good thing, too much sugar also results in sugar-crashing, over-exhausted kids.

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