How to Lose a Facebook Friend in 10 Posts


People unknowingly lose friendships over social media. It’s not usually through direct hurtful comments (which as we know are far too easy from behind the “safety” of your screen), but from the incessant over posting and poor etiquette. I am often tempted to un-friend people that I really do like and consider friends because they are annoying on Facebook. Save yourself and your friendships by pausing to consider these most criticized Facebook shares when posting:

1) Bragging

No one likes a boaster. This includes the “humble brag” – a fault most of us have without realizing it.  “I am so selfless I donate tons of money to charity”. (A- if it was totally selfless, you wouldn’t feel the need to tell everyone.  B- you just bragged about your finances.) Other exaggerated examples include “It is so hard having such a perfect child”. “The weather really sucked on our luxurious tropical vacation”.    In general, if you are posting in order to get “likes” or recognition, it is probably best kept to  yourself.

2) Over Sharing

While I absolutely love seeing what friends and family scattered across the country are up to, there is a line. People feel the need to post EVERYTHING. In doing so, I feel like I know far too much about your personal life. I know what you are doing on your vacation, how you look in a bikini,  why you are fighting with your spouse, your son’s baseball stats, and random inside jokes between you and one other person. Share key events, important moments, or favorite photos, but please not all day every day!

3) Food Photos

We REALLY don’t need to know what you had for dinner. Really. There is nothing more annoying than a photo of a beautiful meal with hashtags about it’s awesomeness with NO RECIPE. If you must post food pictures, have the decency to help us taste it too- either by including the recipe or hand delivering it by 7pm.

4) Too Many Kid Pics

Kids. They are all adorable, and say the darndest things. Try to share glimpses of their personalities, so we can know them.  However, on the same token,  most of us log on for a break, not the angst of seeing your little brat love throw another tantrum. Also, to be infinitely clear, no one needs to see a picture of their poop. Ever.  Refer back to #2-  some people post so many pics of their kids that I forget I haven’t seen them in awhile. When we do come face to face I am shocked when they regard me as a stranger.

5) Negativity

I really hope I don’t have to explain this one.  There is enough negativity in the world. Spreading it around doesn’t help.

6) Workout Pictures

Occasional posts if focused on motivating others are okay, but please refrain from daily mileage updates or videos of you working out. Unless it is a great pic, accomplishment, or story from a fun race or event, no one really cares. There are special interest FB groups if you find that form of accountability helps you.

7) Self/Business Promotion

With all due respect for your business ventures, if a person hasn’t shown interest in your at-home sales product, then guess what? They aren’t interested!  If they didn’t  buy something at your first three parties, they aren’t going to at the next. Don’t add them to parties unsolicited. While a great tool for marketing, don’t oversell.

8)  Agenda

Whether you are pro-life, pro-breastfeeding, pro-vaccinations, anti-meat, anti-sports, politically one-sided,  etc., keep your plight to a minimum. We all have our own views, and while certain articles are great to be shared occasionally, please don’t shove it in everyone’s face all the time.

9) Ambiguous posts

“I am so upset” or “I have such great news!”  Obviously you are just seeking attention. If you are upset and need advice, start with your closest friends. If you really need the help of FB, then don’t string them along, cut to the chase so we can actually offer some help or support.

10) Linking all of your accounts together

Use your various social mediums for different things. If you have them linked up, your Instagram photo is already posted to Facebook, so there is no need to clog newsfeeds with an additional post about the same thing. Don’t bombard your followers with sharing the same thing over and over again.


This isn’t a post per se, therefore I didn’t include it in the list of 10. However, it is equally important. It is very annoying to find out that people read your posts and can’t be bothered to respond with so much as a “like”. Why should you know what is going on with everyone else without ever sharing anything about yourself or at least engaging in the most basic means of interaction?

Before posting, stop and ask yourself these questions: What is my purpose for this post? If someone else posted this would I “like” it? Will this brighten someone’s day? Is this a moment I want to remember and share? Is this better kept between family? Would this serve better as a private message to a friend? Is this hurtful or insulting? Will this create turmoil?

Perhaps if more people start following these guidelines, our feeds will be less clogged, allowing more time to get to the important things in life- cherishing those relationships that matter most.

Share this post if you know anyone who is guilty of any of the above! No need to mention names- I am pretty sure we are all guilty at times!

how to lose a fb friend in 10 poasts

2 thoughts on “How to Lose a Facebook Friend in 10 Posts

  1. mary says:

    Wish I had a blog so I could post these same sentiments! Thank you for putting it out there. Not sure why so many people disregard common sense and decency when posting on social media. Pretty sure others also get tired of hearing every single day that they have the best kids/husband/friends in the world.

    • strollersavvy says:

      Glad to be of service 🙂 Share it on your page in the hopes that the message gets across to your fb friends too!

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