I don’t know about you, but my son has been excited for Earth Day for weeks. I’m not kidding- the kid lives for holidays and celebrations. We started discussing it right after Easter, wondering what our next holiday was. I told him it was Earth Day and explained what that meant. His immediate response was “Every day should be earth day”. And he is right.  We adapted an Easter craft we were doing to to create these fun Earth Day projects.

Step 1:  Spray shaving cream onto a flat surface.

Step 2:  Drizzle green and blue paint over the shaving cream. Swirl the paint around with a mixing stick (we used a kebab stick.)

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Step 3. Cut out circles.

Step 4:  Press the circles onto the painted shaving cream. Gently lift it off.

Step 5: Let it dry for a few minutes, and then squeegee it off. (We used a plastic paint level.)

Step 6:  Write down ways you can help protect the environment.

Getting kids excited about and accustomed to positively impacting the earth at an early age will  increase the likelihood of continually protecting this incredible planet throughout their lives. Trust me, there is nothing better than your kid stopping in the middle of playing, jumping to his feet and declaring “WE HAVE TO SAVE THE EARTH!”